The World- Entry 5 (April, 25, 2013)

During this episode of The World I heard about how to fake an accent. Barbra Berkery, a speech teacher, spoke about the British accent saying that it was a part of who they are. “’The voice is so central to our being as a person that we resist any kind of change,’” says Berkery. I thought it was interesting that Patrick Cox, language editor for The World, said that he makes his accent thicker when he goes back to the United Kingdom. British people love to hear Americans do bad British accents according to Patrick. I think that I am on their side on this one. I think listening to people try to do accents and failing is funny. Faking an accent properly is very hard. What surprised me most was when Cox said that an accent was more than just something you can hear but also something you can see. I hadn’t really thought about accents in that way and now that I’ve heard the idea I totally agree with it. I can get an idea of what a person looks like just by hearing them. It may not always be accurate but I do get a mental image of that person.

I listened to the geo quiz segment of The World as well. The question was what park in Berlin do Nightingales visit for 6 weeks? I was unable to even fathom an answer but nonetheless I learned that it is Berlin’s Tiergaten that they visit. The forest park surrounds the Bellevue Palace. Nightingales have recently arrived back to Berlin. Male Nightingales sing at night to attract mates. They migrate to Berlin from North Africa just to mate. I am not much of a bird watcher but I do love to lie in bed and listen to them chirp in the mornings. I don’t think that I would like to hear birds at night however. I think it would make it hard to fall asleep.


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