Final Reflection 1- What I Have Learned in Geography

  • Diaspora means the forcible removal of a group of people from their homes.
  • I learned a lot about the Netherlands.
  • I learned about Islam.
  • I learned the locations of countries in Europe, South West Asia, North Africa, and South America.
  • I learned the difference between cultural and physical geography.
  • I learned how geographical obstacles can effect a civilizations ability to thrive.
  • I learned about Egyptian cuisine.
  • I learned about Moroccan ideas, family structure, and racism.
  • I learned about many different current events throughout the world.
  • I learned about Zionism.
  • I learned about how Europe influenced the world.
  • I learned some more European history.
  • I learned more about global warming.
  • I learned about inaccuracies with maps.
  • I learned about the Neolithic Revolution.
  • I learned about the Columbian exchange.
  • I learned about trade workers in Europe.
  • I learned about the founding of Palestine.
  • I learned about the physical, political, and cultural geography of Latin America.
  • I learned about the indigenous people of Latin America.
  • I learned about poverty in Latin America.
  • I learned so much about the Netherlands it’s crazy.
  • I learned how to use a blog.

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