Final Reflection 2

Dr. Medeiros,

I really enjoyed my Geo Journal experience.  I felt loved the freedom that you gave us to complete things on our own time. That being said I do not think that it would be easy for a freshman to manage his/her time wisely. I feel that I wouldn’t have been able to manage my time as well as I did when I first started at Flo. I found that it was easiest to break the workload in to parts by doing the reporting on the world and the reflections on The World sections little by little. Stringing them out over the weeks made it more relaxing for me. I liked the Anthony Bourdain episode I watched. I think that I would maybe have students do two of them and one less of the reflections on The World. I would do this because they both give you an understanding of countries (other than the main country you learn about) but I think that the Anthony Bourdain episodes are more interesting. I like the visuals that you get watching the episodes better than just listening to The World. Also I wished that the Latin America section would have been earlier in the semester so that I could have completed the film review on The Motorcycle Diaries sooner. I feel like breaking up the entries on The World and the newspaper articles kept me motivated but then when I ran out of other activities I was less enthusiastic about my Geo Journal. I really liked that you gave us almost all of our Geo Journal activities the first day. For next semester I would suggest that you post the Moroccan Short Stories at the beginning on Black Board. Not only will students be able to access them sooner but you will also save paper! I feel like posting in a blog was a really fun way to do the Geo Journal. It allowed me to be more creative and add pictures to enhance my topics. I had never used a blog before but I found it easy to get the hang of it. I really had a lot of fun with this Geo Journal.

Sarah Perry


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