Reporting on the World- Entry 5

Amsterdam celebrates their 18th annual Gay Pride Parade this year in combination of the 400th anniversary of The Netherlands canal system. It is the only Gay Pride celebration that occurs on the water in the world! The event hosts about 350,000 people yearly, “45,000 visitors during 4 days of street parties – 98 outdoor bars – 200,000 beers – 4 football pitches of dance floor – 10 outdoor stages – 3,000,000 beats – 120 different events in 9 days”. The Netherlands is known for its acceptance of the LGBT community. According to the article, “The first gay bar opened here in 1927 (Café ‘t Mandje, still open today at Zeedijk 63) and the planet’s first gay marriages happened in Amsterdam’s City Hall in 2001. The COC Netherlands has been advocating the rights of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders since 1946, and is one of the few LGBT organizations that enjoy special consultative status within the United Nations”. I am very supportive of the LGBT community. I think the fact that The Netherlands has legalized gay marriage says a lot about the mindsets of its citizens. It shows a cultural acceptance toward people that are different. I really love this about The Netherlands. I wish that America was more like The Netherlands when it comes to this issue. I feel that it will take more time for us to reach this level of approval here in The United States.

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