Literature Reflections Entry 1

A Paying Guest was about a Moroccan woman who went to work for the Moroccan government in London. When she arrived a British lady that she worked with offered to let her stay in her spare bedroom while she searched for a place of her own. Astonished by her new coworker’s generosity she agreed. The Moroccan women had some preconceptions about how Europeans were supposed to be like. She thought they were greedy, rude, foolish, and self-centered. When she got to the coworker’s home she found that her room was very nice and her host had left her a new toothbrush in her bathroom. The Moroccan woman thought she was so stupid to have believed that English people were so awful for so long. A few days later she found an apartment to live in and upon her departure the British woman gave her a folded up piece of paper totaling how much she owed her host for the stay. The Moroccan woman was angry that she was right after all about European people.

From A Paying Guest story I learned about the racism that Moroccans have for Europeans. I found out that they feel Europeans are arrogant, rude, and selfish. The story enforces this racism by showing the main character being duped by her host’s apparent generosity only to find that she was as she thought at first. It says to the audience: don’t be fooled they really are as they seem to be! I also learned a new phrase, “one rotten fish makes the whole donkey bag smell”. I like it because it seems like a silly way to say that message. I think I will use it sometime so as to see the funny looks I will get. I anticipate people will be confused..

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