Literature Reflection Entry 2

A Notion of Progress starts with two women leaving the post office. While the story doesn’t say how old they are, I believe they are in their late 20’s. Catherine asks the main character if she thinks Morocco has progressed. The main character replies that it has in some ways, such as infrastructure and human resources, and in other ways it has not. Catherine says that she thinks computers are a sign that progress has happened. The main character brings up that illiteracy is still very high. Catherine, “tossed her head defiantly and continued, ‘Why did you say that Morocco is progressing then?’” The main character then goes on to state that it’s like a half filled glass. In some ways progression is occurring and in other ways it is not. She brings up the post office as an example off another way Morocco has progressed. She then remembers that she wrote in her diary when she was younger about how bad a particular visit at the post office was. When she gets home she searches for that passage in her journal and the story goes on to talk about the visit. In the end the main character is pleased with her evidence that Morocco has progressed and says, “There’s your proof, Catherine, if only you could read Arabic”.

In A Notion of Progress I learned many things about Morocco. I found out that they have paved roads and their infrastructure is improving. I learned that most of Morocco is Islamic. I discovered that they have internet café’s in Morocco but for the most part people do not have their own home networks. Also I learned about Moroccan literacy problems. I think it is strange that a country would not require children to go to school when their literacy rates are so low. I would think that it would be required because in theory if the newer generations gain intelligence the country as a whole would become more lucrative. I think it is interesting that two women are having this conversation. I wonder if they would be able to have this discussion with a man as well. From reading A Notion of Progress I feel I have gathered a fair amount of knowledge about Morocco and some of its issues.

Moroccan Post Office

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