Reporting on the World- Entry 2

This article is all about the national holiday in The Netherlands known as Queen’s Day or Koninginnedag. It is a nationwide celebration of the queen’s birthday. It is basically a giant party which starts the night before and goes on throughout the rest of the next day. Also there something called an Orange Craze. According to the article, “Everywhere in the city you’ll see orange banners, orange coloered foods and drinks and… people dressed in Orange!” The color orange refers to the name of The Netherland’s royal family, The House of Orange. This year Queen’s Day will be celebrated on April 30th and it will be extra special for the people of The Netherlands because Queen Beatrix is abdicating her thrown the same day. While I really hate the color orange this holiday sounds awesome! I mean I know that we have Presidents Day but it’s totally lame by comparison to Queen’s Day. Almost everyone gets off school and/or work but there aren’t any festivities to enjoy or any real celebration. I wish that our President’s Day was more similar to The Netherland’s Queen’s Day.

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