The World: Entry 1 (February 19,2013)

Roughly 50 million dollars’ worth of diamonds were stolen at an international airport in Brussels, Belgium. What really surprised me was the amount of time it required. It apparently only took the thieves 11 minutes to steal the diamonds and leave. The burglars cut a big hole in a fence and stole the diamonds as they were being transferred on to a plane. They were heavily armed and held hostages at gunpoint while looting 120 parcels from the plane’s cargo area. The exact value had not been determined at the time that the episode aired but it is estimated to be worth about 50 million dollars. According to The World this was one of the largest known heists to date.  

Another topic on the show was about the mistreatment of workers employed by Amazon. The producer of a documentary on the incidents said workers were brought in from countries such as Spain and Poland for the seasonal positions. Once there they encountered intimidation from security and found that they would be paid less than advertised. They underwent frequent intrusions in there temporary houses, where the guards searched through their possessions.  What’s more some of the security guards were dressed in Neo-Nazi attire. Amazon hired a different company to run the security when the harassment of these workers took place. After the documentary aired on public television Amazon terminated their working relationship with the security company involved. At the time of the broadcast Amazon had not made a formal statement about the documentary or the incidents.

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